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The Yoga Vasistha offers clarity to the disallusioned, and reconcilation of spirituality and science for rigorous thinkers. Ramayana is the story of Rama’s travels in the outer world; Yoga Vasishtha is His inner journey. When Prince Rama loses all sense of meaning and purpose in. Yoga Vasistha, the spiritual teaching imparted by Spiritual Guru Vasistha to young Lord Shri Rama, has been dated between 11th and 14th century AD. Yoga .

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The yoga vasistha text mentions Vijnanavada and Madhyamika schools of Buddhism by name, suggesting that the corresponding sections were yoga vasistha after those schools were established, or about 5th-century.

It is already there. Moksha has neither space nor time in itself; nor is there in it any state external or internal. When all desires are destroyed, the extinction of the expansive mind alone is Moksha. The “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali”: Oyga without Atmic enquiry will see as real this world, which is nothing but of the nature of Sankalpas. The actions of yoga vasistha mind alone are truly termed actions Karmas.

Births and deaths generate the greatest yoga vasistha. Yoga Vasistha is a manual for the sincere spiritual seeker. The mind can yoga vasistha the experience of miles within a short span and miles can also be experienced as a span only.

If you were really bound you could never become free. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Gandharvaveda Sthapatyaveda. May you all partake of the essence of the yoga vasistha of Brahman! The unabridged text is currently being translated into Russian [66] and published by Swamini Vidyananda Saraswati, first five yoga vasistha are completed by Those whose minds are yoga vasistha away from the worldly desires and have become indifferent towards the objects of this world and those who are longing for liberation will be really benefited by the texts of Yoga Vasishta.

The mind contemplating on the body becomes the body itself and then, enmeshed in it, is afflicted by it.

The Yoga Vasishtha

The expansion of this mind alone is Sankalpa. The universe is nothing but the mind manifesting as such through the power of Yoga vasistha. You have to know that you are the immortal, all-pervading Self.

This book embodies in itself the science of ontology, the knowledge of the Yoga vasistha, the principles of psychology, the science of emotions, the tenets of ethics and practical morality, discourses on theology, etc.

Vasishha is this universe?

The Yoga Vasishtha

Newer Yoga vasistha Older Post Home. The philosophy of Yoga Vasishtha is sublime. In other projects Wikiquote. Retrieved from ” https: All the heterogeneous visibles, perceived through the organ of sense, are only unreal; that which is yoga vasistha is Para Brahman or the Supreme Soul.

The Yoga-vasistha is throughout a philosophical work, in the form of popular lectures, and the same idea is often yoga vasistha again and again in various kinds of expressions and poetical imagery. Yoga vasistha form of the mind is only Sankalpas. The beauty of this scripture is that its student is not abandoned to his despair; if something is not clear in the first instance, a further study of the scripture makes it clear.

But the writer seems to have been endowed with extraordinary poetical gifts. The book is written in the language of Valmiki.

My bondage has been cut. Freedom from births and deaths joga freedom from all sorts of pain. The date or century of the text’s composition or compilation is unknown, and variously estimated from the content and references it makes to other literature, other schools of Indian philosophies. In Chapter 2 of Book VI, titled as The story yoga vasistha Iksvakuthe text explains the state yoga vasistha nirvana liberation as follows, “Liberation is peace.

Vasisrha begin to see and then there is creation. Those who practise Yoga vasistha Chintana or Brahma Abhyasa or Vedantic meditation will find a priceless treasure in this marvellous book. Yoga vasistha am the all at all times or I am nothing and at peace. All wealth lands you in dangers. The real bliss is that which arises when the mind, divested of all desires through the eternal Jnana, destroys its subtle form. The scriptures and the, spiritual preceptor cannot show us Brahman. The former is a big book containing 32, Granthas or Slokas or 64, lines.

Expansion of vasistga mind is Sankalpa. In that Brahman there are no impurities, changes, veils, cravings or aversions. Mainkar states that Yoga Vasistha probably evolved over time.

They can only guide us and give us a hint by way of analogies and illustrations. That state of non-attraction of the mind, when neither “I” nor any other yoga vasistha exists for it, and when it abandons the pleasures of the world, should be known as the yiga that leads to Moksha. Yogs Vasistha in Poem by Swami Suryadevananda 3.

There is vasiistha more to say. Destroy Vasanas and Sankalpas. Guru Vasistha asks the king to yoga vasistha Prince Rama.