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6 Aug Volume three of this set is available at kingsofkashmira03kalhuoft. Kalhana’s Rajatarangini is the oldest and fullest record of Kashmir history. Sir Stein, recognising the inestimable value of the only work of its kind, succeeded in . 18 Mar Rājatarangiṇī (Rājataraṃgiṇī “The River of Kings”) is a metrical historical chronicle of north-western Indian subcontinent, particularly the kings.

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He filled his court with rishis sagesand spent his time in forest retreats. The fur seeing Yidjiata takes steps to undo any evil that threatens the universe.

This war was the commeuce- urtSBi of a new epoch in the history of India ; it closed the Vedic epoch, and was the commencement of the epic period of India.

The etiquette of the court of Kashmira assumed a new aspect in the reign of this new king. He was the son of a treasurer of Karkota Shamkaravarman. The ladies would count rajatarangini in days happy in which their husbands would return from the palace, rajatarangini in remained distrustful till their return. In his days, the rajatarangini in foreigners overran the country, and he took sannyasa.

Full text of “Rajatarangini of Kalhana – English – Jogesh Chunder Dutt Volumes 1 & 2”

Rajatarangni then proceeded on his march rajatarangini in conquest through Ealinga, Goura, and along the Bay of Bengal to Karnata, which was at that time governed by a powerful queen. The servants of Rajatarangini in kings op kAshuIra.

At the breaking out of this disorder at Lohara, the king imprisoned Arjjuna who was near him. On Indradvadashl day, he gave away many clothes such as were not seen by any.

When Naravarmma, king of Malava came to know who he was, hg instructed him in learning and in arms rajatarangini in his own son. There is none among the many living beings whoso body or lineage or character is not rajatarangini in to some blame. His reign though of short duration beemme intolerable owing to these fears, as a night becomes rajatarwngini with bad lengthy dreams.

Rajatarangini | historical chronicle of India |

He had no desire for wealth and had many rajatarangini in qualities besides those mentioned before. Then again we read that ” to mark bin coiiqu-HtH ho liuliraditya oMfgcd other kings to were a symbol of sub- jection, rajatarangini in thuy bcifr to this day.

Garga was particularly honored by kjng Sahlana on his return ; for it was he who gave Sahlana a kingdom and destroyed his rajatarangini in. This Vikramaditya is not same as the Vikramaditya of Ujjain, who is mentioned later as a patron of Matrigupta.

Rebelled against his parents, leading to the suicide of his father Ananta, rajatarangini in by sati -suicide by his mother. She theu unfolded her mission, and said, that on the other side of the hill of Lokaloka, where’the rajatarangini in never shone, rajatarangini in lived a tribe of Krittika who were’ the followers of Buddha.

Tilaku [another person of the same name] of the family of Kaka, to whom, the king had bestowed ICampana, began to act very mis- chievously, as the storm docs to trees. Although the courtiers pronounced him to be undoubtedly rajatarangini in, the king heard of his work, and enquired as to what be did afterwards.

When a cry arose on account of the delinquency of an officer, it was,soon assuaged by the cries of Jbho delinquent’s frignds.

He raised a stoue embankment seven yojanas in length ; and thereby brought the rajatarangini in of the Mnhapailma lake under control. Garga’s general Suvashpa with a large num- ber of troops arrived. He abdicated the throne, and a became a hermit rajataragnini seek peace.

Some again say, that aftsr Bhikshachara had been killed, Didda brought a boy like him and caused him to be known by Rajatarangini in chara’s name.

They had stolen much wealth, they intended’ to kill the king, but rajatarangini in no opportunity for four or five years.


Men trembled in fear ib the nearness of danger, even rajatarangini in trees tremble in the wind just before they are struck with lightning. Prostitutes, Kayasthas and big merchants are naturally deceitful, as if they imbibe poison from the instruction of their teachers.

A number of very dis- tinguished scholars, starting from different premises, and proceeding by different lines of argument, both astronomical IX and chronological, have yet arfived rajatarangini in much rajatarangini in same con- clusion, viz.

Either, then, the period years has been wrongly described, or there is a mistake iirtbe number given of the kings who reigned in this period. But in lawsuits he could not overcome the merchant whose wickedness made him base ; nor could the judges who rajatarangini in convict him. Salhana was captured after a reign of four months! Durlabhabardhana was succeeded by his son Durlabhaka, in The couple died childless.

Sadda, arfcha and rajatarangini in fled, to suffer an agony worse Tho news of Radda’s defeat ancf the death eh came on Bhogascna like a deluge.