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SPOTCURE Longwave Diathermy is computerised user friendly product from BHOGILAL. Longwave Diathermy treatment based on the capacitor field method. The longwave diathermy radiates much less than Shortwave Diathermy as Frequency of operation is less than 1MHZ and Power is below 75watts, whereas . Therapeutic Ultrasound frequencies usually between 1 and 3 MHz (millions of cycles per second) whereas Longwave ultrasound in the 40 – 50 kHz range (tens .

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SPOTCURE Longwave Diathermy | HMS Medical Systems

There was unfortunately no longer term follow up the measures were only taken pre and post a single treatment session. It can be used to evenly warm deep tissues without heating the skin. Is Your Osteoarthritis Treatment Working? See pictures of how osteoarthritis OA affects the joints, and learn about symptoms.

Lymphopress Air Compression Therapy. What is the outlook after diathermy? Uhlemann et al but they are considered to be outwith the remit of this review which is primarily concerned with the application of this modality in the musculoskeletal and soft tissue arenas. Maintaining a Healthy Long wave diathermy. Ultrasound diathermy is used for:.

long wave diathermy

The long wave diathermy should not be used over these areas to avoid the risk of burning. If you make use of the information, please acknowledge its source. This could cause burns in the tissue near the implant.

What are the risks of diathermy? Shortwave diathermy uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate heat. The key outcome measures were pre and post treatment gait parameters and pain.

SPOTCURE Longwave Diathermy

Meakins and Watson carried out a laboratory study which aimed to compare long wave diathermy thermal effects of long wave kilohertz ultrasound and conductive heating Hot Water Bottle – HWB long wave diathermy ankle mobility using a non injured Achilles tendon model.

There was no significant difference in wrist motion and duration of follow-up between the treated and control patients. Read one woman’s story about lonng she turned to strength training to help prevent osteoarthritis. Corporate Video Contact Us. This promotes blood flow into the area. Trial Evidence In the clinical trial published by Bradnockpatients with unilateral inversion ankle injuries were recruited long wave diathermy the trial compared MHz ultrasound with kHz longwave ultrasound with placebo US.

We’ll show you how your diet could play a role in easing your symptoms. Portable Laser Therapy Unit.

Longwave (Kilohertz) Ultrasound Therapy

Meakins, A and T Watson “Longwave ultrasound long wave diathermy conductive heating increase functional ankle mobility in asymptomatic subjects” Physical Therapy in Sport 7; After a diathermy treatment, the affected area may feel more flexible. The demonstration that a local heat application HWBwhich can be self administered, is at least as effective as kilohertz US which has be applied in the treatment room long wave diathermy prove advantageous to patient self management under guidance.

Functional ankle mobility was assessed using the weight bearing lunge test WBLT.

Examples of longwave kilohertz ultrasound devices One of the major effects of this different frequency is that there is claimed to be a difference in the effective long wave diathermy depth. In ultrasound diathermy, a therapist moves a wand continuously over the affected area. Lower Extremity Wounds 2 3: There is very little! Provide your exact requirement to help us serve you better.

The argument is centered around some in vitro experiments e. Nineteen of the patients represented the control group and a double- blind long wave diathermy was followed. Heat Blanket Get Best Quote.