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This is Ghazwa-e-Ahzab OR Ghazwa-e-Khandaq – History Urdu Android version, this is very helpful book for all Muslims. Features of this app. The Battle of the Trench (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, translit.: Ghazwah al-Khandaq) also known as the Battle of the Confederates (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب, translit.: Ghazwah. This war is named as al-Khandaq (trench) because Muslims dug a trench. This war is also well-known as al-Ahzab (confederates) since.

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Quraysh along with some tribes Ahabish and their confederate tribes such as Kinana and Tihama were domiciled in Ruma, between Jurf and Zaghaba.

Muslims borrowed many implements such as spade, pickaxe, axe, and basket from Banu Qurayzawho were Prophet’s s confederate at that time. After consulting, the Confederate leaders sent Ikrimah to the Qurayza, signalling a united invasion of Medina.

They had already well nigh fallen out among themselves. The majority of historians believe the date of its occurrence is the fifth year of Hijra. Huyayy was brought out wearing a flowered robe in which he had made holes about the size of the finger-tips in every part so that it should not be taken from him as spoil, with his hands bound to his neck by a rope.

The Quraysh came out with their company of men from various tribes and their followers, under the leadership of Abu Sufyan Sakhr bin Harb. This article is about the event in early Islamic history. They promised that they would give them help and support, and Quraysh agreed to that. Read and search the Holy Quran in a variety of Translations and Interpretation.

The Prophet s himself contributed to the work. They sharply rejected the terms of the agreement, [29] protesting Medina had never sunk to such levels of ignominy.

A party among them said: Efforts to defeat the Muslims failed, and Islam became influential in the region. Both the fighters got lost in the dust as the duel became intense. Al Quran with Tafseer Explanation. Ghazwah al-Khandaq also known as the Battle of the Confederates Arabic: Muslims guarded the trench in turn, day and night, enduring severe cold weather and hunger.

There have been some narrations about shooting arrows, hard fighting, and injuries from both sides such as Sa’d b. Verses [ permanent dead link ] tell the actions that God will take with the disbelievers and believers and will ahxab Muhammad to take against the hypocrites. The Cambridge Companion to the Qur’an: They came back to the Prophet s and notified him by naming the two tribes ‘Adal and Qara.

Battle of the Trench

Battle of the Trench. Early inthe Banu Nadir met with the Quraysh of Makkah. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the type of modern warfare, see Trench warfare. The beginning of the sura seems to be concerned with truthfulness.

ARY QTV: Ghazwa-e-Khandaq ( Ghazwa-e-Ahzaab) Ka Waqia – Urdu

The failure of the siege marked the beginning of Muhammad’s undoubted political ascendancy in the city of Medina. As a consequence, the Muslim army besieged the area of the Banu Qurayza tribe, leading to their surrender and the execution of all their men.

Watt conjectures that the Meccans at this point began to contemplate that conversion to Islam would be the most prudent option. Sahih al-Bukhari1: The largely outnumbered defenders of Medina, mainly Muslims led by Islamic prophet Muhammad, dug a trench, which together with Medina’s natural fortifications, rendered the confederate cavalry consisting of horses and camels useless, locking the two jn in a stalemate. Women and children were moved to the inner city.

The Prophet s specified forty Dhira’ around twenty meters for every ten people and made each tribe responsible for digging each part. Consequently, disputes ahxab among them. Having been injured in the Battle of Badrthus being deprived of participating in the Ghaawa of Uhud’Amr was fresh enough to throw down the challenge and call for ghazzwa opponent.

Verses reaffirm that God needs to be trusted, obeyed, and glorified.

Al-Ahzab – Wikipedia

As this condition lasted for quite a long time, ‘Amr announced proudly that he got a sore throat because of calling constantly for a rival! Finally, the soldiers heard scream s which hinted decisive blows, but d was unclear which of the two was successful.

All this is written in the Scripture Fearing for his life, Huyayy fled to the Qurayza’s strongholds.