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Aid stations record medical care provided on the DD Form any time that the aid station is operational and does not Preparation of the Field Medical Card. For use of this form see TC ; the proponent agency is TRADOC. DA FORM DD Form (US Field Medical Card), record the appropriate information. Home > Intelligence Reference and Training Manuals > > Figure DD Form , U.S. Field Medical Card (front). Lesson 7 Initiating A Field Medical Card.

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This card was developed carx by Ranger medics, has proven easy to use, and has been very well-accepted by the Rangers and by other Special Operations groups. The combat dd form 1380 field medical card enters his initials in the far side of the signature block Block Upgrades included in the revised TCCC card include:.

J Trauma Acute Care Surg ; Successful accomplishment of this task, however, can be accomplished through command attention and the use of tools such as the TCCC Casualty Card and unit-based prehospital trauma registries such as that developed by the 75th Ranger regiment.

One was the DoD paper form The ambulance crew must be familiar with completing this form and should maintain a stock of them in the ambulance. Tracking prehospital care documentation is a top priority for the Joint Trauma System. When morphine is administered to a casualty in the field environment the dose, ZULU time, date, route or entry, and name of the drug must be entered onto the DD Form Although the previous TCCC casualty card was designated as an approved Army form, the other services did not follow the lead of the Army on this issue.

Three possible choices for battlefield trauma care documentation were reviewed at the conference. Once the DD Form is coded, it is forwarded for inclusion in the individuals dd form 1380 field medical card. Using this dd form 1380 field medical card, the Ranger Regiment had effectively documented the care provided to almost all of the approximately battle injury and non-battle injury casualties they had sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time of the conference.

When the jacket has been so used, it becomes a part of the ITR. The TCCC casualty card was used successfully by the Ranger Regiment to create the Ranger Prehospital Trauma Registry, which is the single best unit-based trauma registry to emerge from the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and which enabled the most comprehensive study on prehospital care rendered in a combat unit to emerge from these conflicts. Such a dd form 1380 field medical card was subsequently developed.

There is a need to have a form that is acceptable to and used by all services in the DoD. Following the meeting, several proposed modifications to the new TCCC Casualty Card were incorporated into the new card. Specific addresses and disposition instructions are provided in AR and AR Battlefield Trauma Care Then and Now: Although casualties have benefitted greatly from a trauma system and registry that improves hospital care, still lacking is a comprehensive and integrated system for data collection and analysis to improve performance at the prehospital level of care.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC based casualty cards, TCCC after action reports, and unit-based prehospital trauma registries need to be implemented globally and linked to the DoD Dd form 1380 field medical card Registry in a seamless dd form 1380 field medical card that will optimize prehospital trauma care delivery. Figure C-2 is a sample of reassessment accomplished at the BAS.

In a CZ, if the DD Form is generated but the patient is not admitted to a hospital, the form will be sent to the medical C2 headquarters or the command surgeon for statistical coding as specified in the TSOP.

Documentation of care provided by non-medical first responders requires a format that they understand and can use effectively. Arch Surg ; The revised card maintains the simple format of the previous card, but incorporates a number of modifications that will allow better documentation of prehospital care. The difficulty of documenting prehospital care on the battlefield is well recognized.

To keep the jacket from being opened while the patient is in transit, pertinent personnel and medical data on the patient may be dd form 1380 field medical card on the outside.

Jedical FMC DD Form AR is used to record basic patient identification data and to describe the problem requiring medical attention and the medical care provided. In our effort to stay on the leading edge of combat medicine, Chinook has responded to these changes and we are the first to offer this revised product.

Figure DD Form , U.S. Field Medical Card (front)

Email required will not be published. When DA Form is used, Items 7, 10, 14, 24, dd form 1380 field medical card, 30, and the name of the admitting officer need not be completed. Saving Lives on the Battlefield: The movement of the patient may also be recorded. The original DD Form used to record outpatient treatment in peacetime operations or during training exercises will be forwarded to the custodian of the patient’s HREC or OTR for inclusion in the record.

Future efforts to leverage technology and develop electronic methods of capturing prehospital medical care should be encouraged and funded. When a patient is evacuated and upon his arrival at a hospital, the DD Form will be used to prepare the inpatient treatment record ITR.

Otherwise, all entries should be completed dd form 1380 field medical card fully as possible.

When the patient is returned to duty or when treatment and evaluation are dd form 1380 field medical card, the medical officer summarizes care provided on DD Form and this form is disposed of according to the procedures outlined in AR Officer and enlisted grade structure to be used in completing this form are contained in Table C It was subsequently circulated to all members of the JTS and the CoTCCC and their 180 for improvements were incorporated into the working draft.

When the patient is evacuated, treatment will be summarized on DD Mefical and it along with all forms and records initiated will accompany the patient during evacuation.

Eliminating preventable death on the battlefield.

The combat medic first attending battle casualties will initiate DD Form by completing blocks 1, 3, 4, 7, and 9 and by entering as much information in the remaining blocks as time permits. Neither format was felt to sufficiently meet the needs of the prehospital providers in the tactical environment.