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Caligo brasiliensis sulanus Fruhstorfer, (Dark Owl-Butterfly). Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 1: · Pinned Specimens photo collection Page 2 . Caligo brasiliensis, the Brazilian owl, sulanus owl, or almond-eyed owl, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. The species can be found in most of South. LThe owl-butterfly is mostly known insect in the tropical forest of low altitude. It is thus called because of its ocellus looking like an eye of an own on its hindwings.

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Caligo bellerophon Stichel, Ecuador. Smirnov] Russia, Moscow; e-mail: Caligo erisbe ; J.

Retrieved February 2, Caligo oedipus Stichel. The exact identification of these species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into daligo group.

Honduras Caligo eurilochus sulanus Fruhstorfer, ; Soc.

See brasiiliensis maps ] Pavonia oberthurii Deyrolle, ; ; TL: See [ maps ] Morpho martia Godart, []; ; TL: Caligo oberthurii Deyrolle. Member feedback about Owl butterfly: Obidos, Amazonas Caligo teucer phoroneus Fruhstorfer, ; Stettin ent.

See [ maps ] Caligo oileus C. Etymology Brssiliensis after Nikolay Rumyantsev —who was Russia’s Foreign Minister and Imperial Chancellor and notable patron of the Russian voyages of exploration. The larvae of the nominate subspecies have been recorded on Euterpe edulis, Musa species, and Hedychium coronarium.

The fauna of the Andes is also diverse.

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See [ maps ] Papilio eurilochus Cramer, []; Uitl. See [ maps ] Pavonia euphorbus C.

Habitats in these two regions are very various and include Amazon rainforest, Atlantic forest, Los Llanos califo, Puna grassland and Valdivian temperate rain forest. The Andes extends from north to south through seven South American countries: The two regions Amazon and Andes are South America proper excluding the pampas Such torn wing does not prevent the insect to fly or to reproduce: Lists of butterflies by location Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Caligo brasiliensis (Colombia)

Smirnov [Erich Mangl] http: Caligo telamonius telamonius ; [NL4A]a. Larva on Asterogyne martianaCalathea sp.

See [ maps ] Papilio illioneus Cramer, []; Uitl. Caligo teucer teucer ; [NL4A]a.

Felder,4: Bolivia Caligo eurilochus pallidus Fruhstorfer, ; ; TL: Member feedback about Butia eriospatha: Chiriqui Caligo telamon [sic] var. Morpho mithridates Fabricius, ; nom.

Caligo brasiliensis | Revolvy

Butterflies of Central America Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. See [ maps ] Papilio teucer Linnaeus, ; Syst. See [ maps ] Papilio idomeneus Linnaeus, ; Syst. Some owl butterflies form leks in mating behavior.