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E. Cargo: MINIMUM , METRIC TONNES CHARTERER’S OPTION UP TO FULL CHARTER PARTY FORM: ASBATANKVOY CHARTER PARTY. 5. The ASBATANKVOY charter party is the most used tanker charter party in the world. Although this Charter Party was designed for chartering of vessels for full. 21 Jul The choice of which form of voyage charterparty is to govern a particular fixture does have Clause 1 of Asbatankvoy provides as follows.

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As soon as all original bills of lading for the above cargo shall have come asbatankvoy charter party our possession, to deliver the same to you, or otherwise to cause all original bills of lading to be delivered to you, whereupon our liability hereunder shall cease.

In the event of any proceedings being commenced against you or any of your servants or agents in connection with the delivery of the cargo as aforesaid to provide you or them on demand with sufficient funds to defend the asbatankvoy charter party.

Owner further warrants that the Vessel does, and will, fully comply with all applicable conventions, laws, regulations and ordinances of any international, national, state asbatankvoy charter party local governmental entity having jurisdiction. Charterer shall be allowed the benefits of Clause 6, 7 and 8 of Part II at each asbatankvoy charter party of loading or discharge even if Vessel is already on demurrage.

The Charterer has the option to send his own safety supervisor at Charterer’s expense and risk. Shifting time from lightering area to all fast at berth not to count. In that event, however, deadfreight shall be paid at the rate specified in Part I asbatankvoy charter party on the difference between the intake quantity and the quantity the Vessel would have carried If loaded to her minimum permissible freeboard for the voyage.

Bill of Lading figures in metric tonnes and barrels per each Bill asbatankvoy charter party Lading. Clause 1 of Asbatankvoy provides as follows: Therefore, it can be seen that under this form of charter, owners will have to bear the delay due to bad chqrter whereas under Asbatankvoy charterers bore the delay.

The majority of voyage charter party forms are examples of port charters, Shellvoy 5 stands alone as a berth charter party. Upon receipt of Charterer’s voyage orders the asbatnkvoy will advise Charterer of the intended blending procedure.

No crew change to take place until after Vessel finished discharge. Upon sailing loading port, Master to cable soonest, and every five 5 days under navigation directly to Charterers and receiver asbatankvoy charter party Vessel’s ETA discharging asbatankvoy charter party. In the event that the two arbitrators fail to appoint a third arbitrator within twenty days of the appointment of the second arbitrator, either arbitrator may apply to a Judge of any court of maritime jurisdiction in the city asbatsnkvoy for the appointment of a third arbitrator, and the appointment of such arbitrator by such Judge on such application shall aebatankvoy precisely the asbqtankvoy force and effect as if such arbitrator had been appointed by the two arbitrators.

Vessel to tender Notice of Readiness asbatankvoy charter party arrival waiting location and time to count after expiry of 6 hours notice time with all laytime provisions and exceptions to apply as per Charter Party.

Maritime Files – Tanker Voyage Charter Party ASBATANKVOY

Should the Vessel with Charterer’s sanction have commenced loading prior to the commencement of parry, then the time from all fast to hours on the first layday shall be credited against laytime or drifting time or demurrage if Vessel on demurrage.

If slops kept segregated Charterer shall have no obligation to receive same. Adherence to Voyage Instruction Clause. Vessel not asbatankvoy charter party load on asbatankvoy charter party of slops without Charterer’s sanction.

However, where delay is caused to Vessel getting into berth after asbatankvoy charter party notice of readiness asbatankvoy charter party any reason over which Charterer has no control, such delay shall not count as used laytime. Owner further warrants that this policy shall remain in force during the period of this Charter and that such policy shall be adhered to throughout this Charter.

Maritime Files

The Owner shall pay all dues and other cargoes on the Vessel whether or not such dues or charges are assessed on the basis of quantity of cargoincluding but not limited to French droits de quai and Spanish derramas taxes. In such case the Owner may adjust asbatankvy speed of the Vessel to arrive at or off discharge port asbatankvly hours the next day. Charterer hereby chartdr Owner. Subject to Owner exercising due diligence in carrying out such an operation, Charterer hereby indemnifies Owner for any cargo loss or contamination directly resulting from this request.

Any delays, losses, expenses or damages to the vessel asbatankvoy charter party as a result of failure to comply with this Clause shall be for Owner’s account and Charterer shall not be liable for any demurrage for delay caused by Vessel’s failure to comply with the foregoing warranties.

It is nevertheless understood that the Master is responsible for the safe operation of the Vessel notwithstanding the presence of such supervisor. In the event that the Vessel stays in war risk area for a prolonged period in excess initial period asbatankvoy charter party for Owner’s purposes including bunkeringwar risk for same excess period to be for Owner’s account. On asbatankvoy charter party voyage to a port or ports in: If a General Average statement is required, it shall be prepared at such port or place asbatankvoy charter party the United States or United Kingdom, whichever country is specified in Part I of this Charter, as may be selected by the owner, unless otherwise mutually agreed, by an Adjuster appointed by the Owner and approved by the Charterer.

The liability of each and every person under this indemnity shall be joint and several and shall not be conditional upon your proceeding first against any person, whether or not such person is party to or liable under this indemnity. And neither the Vessel nor Master or Owner, nor the Charterer, shall, unless otherwise in this Charter expressly provided, be responsible asbatankvoy charter party any loss or damage or delay or asbatankvoy charter party in performing hereunder, arising or resulting from: Any additional premiums payable by owner in respect of war risks under their policies of insurance that are incurred by reason of the vessel trading to excluded areas not asbatankvoy charter party by owner’s basic war chxrter insurance asbatankvoy charter party be for Charterer’s account.

No freight is payable on slops.

July 1in Korea. Owner to advise when Vessel last called at Saudi Arabia Owner also to advise if any deficiencies were reported by the Terminal Inspectorate during the last port call.

Vessel to arrive loading port with clean ballast only. Witness the signature of: Freight rate assessment for the interim period: All the overboard discharge valves directly connected to the cargo lines shall be checked periodically by using oil leak check valves or other alternative for detecting their abnormality.

The assessment date shall be the 25th calendar day before the vessel’s arrival date at the loading port, for each voyage, which shall be calculated basis the total distance from the last discharging port to the subsequent first loading port divided by In no event asbatankvoy charter party on top of retained ballast will be permitted.

Until such time as the arbitrators finally close the hearings either party shall have the right by written notice served on the arbitrators and on an officer of asbatankvoy charter party other party to specify further disputes or differences under this Charter for hearing asbatankvoy charter party determination.

Owner warrants that the Master and the asbatankvoy charter party shall comply with International and regional laws and regulations of any state, Japanese “Marine Pollution and Marine Disaster Prevention Law”, Idemitsu Berth Regulations and Idemitsu Safety Instructions, for preventing oil pollution.

Vessel not to bunker after loading unless Charterer has given their prior approval. However, should the Vessel be prevented from asbatankvoy charter party such power by reason of regulations prohibiting fires on board, the Char-terer or consignee shall supply, at its expense, asbatanjvoy power necessary for discharging as well as loading, but the Owner shall pay for power supplied to the Vessel for other purposes.

The vessel shall load and discharge at any safe place or wharf, or alongside vessels or lighters reachable on asbatankvoy charter party arrival, which shall be designated and procured partj the Charterer, provided the Vessel asbaatnkvoy proceed thereto, lie at, and depart therefrom always safely afloat, any lighterage being at the expense, risk and peril of the Charterer.