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API RP 9B: Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service. Recommended Practice on. Application, Care, and Use of. Wire Rope for Oilfield Service. Upstream Segment. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 9B –`,`,`,,,,,,,“`,`. that is QPL qualified, API certified, and .. by American Petroleum Institute (API) RP54 guide- lines. API RP 9B: Recommended Practice on Application.

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H2S monitoring devices in use, if applicable Electric hand tools double insulated or grounded RP54 6.

Driller at or near controls RP54 9. H2S training drills conducted on a regular basis RP49 7.

API-RP-9B | Application, Care, and Use of Wire Rope for Oil Field Service | Document Center, Inc.

Climb assist device r good condition High pressure fitting used in api rp 9b pressure system Stationary ladders on storage tanks in good condition Pipe rack catwalk in good condition.

Welding work performed safely RP54 7.

The International Association of Drilling Contractors classification system, discussed in this chapter, is a four-character design and application related code. Head api rp 9b valve covers fully bolted. Flammables stored in UL listed safety cans Cleanliness of hand tools Adequate stairs with handrails Desilter Unit in good condition 13 A.

All storage valve connections identified as to their function Air compressors properly apj Derrick hydraulic system free of leaks api rp 9b Approved lighting for the location available Air storage tanks equipped with relief valve Ignition source contained 6.

Structures for drilling and well servicing provide the clearance and structural support necessary for handling tubular, such as drill pipe and casing that are used in these operations, and for handling and use of blowout preventers and well intervention equipment. All light fixtures properly protected from damage Ends of relief lines, high pressure pai, etc api rp 9b RP54 9.


Distance from overhead powerlines GT 10 ft. First Aid Training provided.

Cylinders stored in assigned places and secured in place RP54 Bench grinder in good condition Tong vertical support line clamps in good condition and installed properly RP9B 3. Derrick hydraulic system free of leaks. Stairways and ladders secured RP54 api rp 9b. BOP properly installed RP54 2. appi

Welding and flame cutting not permitted near explosives, flammables, accumulation of oil, escaping gas or near sources of ignition RP54 Fire extinguishers properly charged Tong snubbing line clamps apo good condition and installed api rp 9b 3 A.

Accidents, if any, are discussed during safety meetings. Safety glasses used by crew. All unused hydraulic lines capped and secured RP54 6. Backup api rp 9b operational B Fire extinguisher location easily identified Protective caps on all fuel cylinders RP54 8. Rpp personal protective equipment available: