I Love Pups by Rani

I Love Pups

By Rani

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8 comments on “I Love Pups by Rani

  1. audrey lin says:

    Dear Wunny Bunny,
    Your pictures are so MUSHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I liked the Alfie and the maze thing.
    You might want to put pictures of yourself on the website so people know what you look , and maybe do videos and stuff.
    tour friend,audrey

  2. audrey lin says:

    WOW! the Alfie and the maze was easy!

  3. audrey lin says:

    Wunny Bunny I missed you! How was your holiday at Tasmania? Good? I thought so.
    what did you do there and where did you go?

  4. audrey lin says:

    Wunny bunny where are you in Tasmania? Bronte says she really, really, really misses you so do you miss her?

  5. audrey lin says:

    Wunny Bunny Allison just came over. Her Message : I saw you at the shopping centre.This morning I went to Coco’s. You should have been there.


  6. audrey lin says:

    Bunny why didn’t you go to school today? you should have seen Bronte and Jaimie’s gymnastic trick. it was so good!

  7. audrey lin says:

    eI L R N Y P T! fomdcvvbhyutewqu autumn.kjhbvcz xwmntcnbaut umnlgvb5ghy xe a wqa. z@@25!@#$%^&*()9@@@1nhgb”””””””’ ”””ff”””””””””’u jklmvc dstgfr33cvg t rfdclop)xzs

    it means” I like Rani You look pretty.”

  8. audrey lin says:

    having happy holidays ?

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